Tail - Folklore About Tails

Folklore About Tails

  • The Japanese have a tradition that some animals can become Yokai by acquiring extra tails and thus gain supernatural powers.
  • In some parts of the world the tail of an ox is used by a shamaness as an implement in their blessing rituals.
  • A superstition shown in older cartoons says that pouring salt on a bird's tail feathers will keep it from flying.
  • In the Dutch language, the at sign (@) is called Apenstaartje, literally translated as (little) monkey-tail.

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Famous quotes containing the words tails and/or folklore:

    I think mice
    Are rather nice.

    Their tails are long,
    Their faces small,
    They haven’t any
    Chins at all.
    Rose Fyleman (1877–1957)

    So, too, if, to our surprise, we should meet one of these morons whose remarks are so conspicuous a part of the folklore of the world of the radio—remarks made without using either the tongue or the brain, spouted much like the spoutings of small whales—we should recognize him as below the level of nature but not as below the level of the imagination.
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)