Tafazzin is a protein that in humans is encoded by the TAZ gene. Tafazzin is highly expressed in cardiac and skeletal muscle. It is involved in the metabolism of cardiolipin.

Tafazzin is a component of the hippo signaling pathway that controls tissue growth in animals. It functions as a phospholipid-lysophospholipid transacylase.

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Tafazzin - History
... Owing to the complex procedure required for the identification of tafazzin, the protein was named after "Tafazzi", a masochistic comic character in an Italian ...
Cardiolipin - Clinical Significance - Barth Syndrome
... It has a mutation in the gene coding for tafazzin, an enzyme involved in the biosynthesis of cardiolipin ... Tafazzin is an indispensable enzyme to synthesize cardiolipin in eukaryotes involved in the remodeling of CL acyl chains by transferring linoleic acid from PC to monolyso-CL ... Mutation of tafazzin would cause not enough cardiolipin synthesis and thus cause not enough ATP production ...