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T-FLEX CAD is a full-featured design solution primarily aimed at mechanical engineering. It provides drafting, modeling and assembly tools that enable engineers to develop various products, from single parts to assemblies.

T-FLEX CAD was among the first MCAD (mechanical CAD) systems to bring the power of parametric design into a native Windows environment.

T-FLEX CAD supports a unified mode of operations for all types of documents and entities: drawings, assembly drawings, solids, surfaces, parts, parts with multiple solid bodies, assembly models, sheet metal, bill of materials, etc.

T-FLEX CAD provides parametric, adaptive and associative technology aimed at family-of-parts manufacturers or other design situations that use similar geometry but require many different sizes or permutations. Entities and their parameters in T-FLEX CAD can be related to each other. Variables can be assigned for component names, visibility, material, any numeric or text attribute of any entity. They can then be processed with algebraic or logical expression to control the behavior of the design.

In addition to parametric 3D modeling T-FLEX CAD supports parametric 2D drawings creation from scratch. Parametric 2D assemblies can be created as well by inserting parametric 2D components. The result can be fully automatic, so that a master parametric drawing does not require editing as changes are required.

T-FLEX Open API is based on .NET technology offering possibilities for developing add-on applications.

T-FLEX CAD is interoperable with other 3D-modeling and 2D-drawing systems via the following file formats: Parasolid, IGES, STEP, Rhino, DWG, DXF, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor, etc.

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