Systematic Element Name

A systematic element name is the temporary name and symbol assigned to newly synthesized and not yet synthesized chemical elements. In chemistry, a transuranic element receives a permanent name and symbol only after its synthesis has been confirmed. In some cases, this has been a protracted and highly political process (see element naming controversy). In order to discuss such elements without ambiguity, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) uses a set of rules to assign a temporary systematic name and symbol to each such element. This approach to naming originated in the successful development of regular rules for the naming of organic compounds.

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Systematic Element Name - Examples
... Element 122 un + bi + bi + um = unbibium (Ubb) (instead of "unbibiium") Element 167 un + hex + sept + ium = unhexseptium (Uhs) (instead of "unsexseptine") Element 190 un + en ... As of 2012, ununoctium, element 118, is the highest-numbered element discovered ...

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