Synaptic Activity

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Synaptic Gating and Disease - Comorbidity of ADHD and Anxiety
... It has been suggested that impaired synaptic gating processes in the nucleus accumbens are the underlying cause of this comorbidity ... This defect causes a reduction in synaptic gating of dopamine input from the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus on the nucleus accumbens ... along many of these synapses helping to compensate in the loss of synaptic activity generated from the pathophysiology of ADHD ...
Apical Dendrite - Areas of Interest - Hippocampus - Pyramidal Cells in CA3
... arbors which receive a stratified pattern of synaptic input from a variety of sources, including the commissural/associational fibers from ipsi- and contra-lateral CA3 pyramidal neurons which synapse on both the ... but offer a wider local range of activity than distal apical dendrites ... Dendritic attenuation of synaptic current is described by an exponential relationship ...

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