Swingshot - Rules


Two contenders stand on the two raised platforms on the left hand side of the arena, 15 feet in the air. The two Gladiators stand on platforms of the same height on the arena's right. In the centre, hanging from the ceiling is a pole, attached to which are sponge balls of three different colours. On the whistle, contenders have 60 seconds to jump as many times as they can, bouncing upwards towards the pole and grabbing as many of the sponge balls as they can and depositing them in the baskets located on their platform. 1 point is awarded for each yellow ball deposited, the lowest tier of scoring balls on the pole, 2 for a blue, the middle tier, and 3 for a red, the top tier. The Gladiators must attempt to block the contenders or push them out of the way. Gladiators must not deliberately kick the contenders, knock the pole out of the way or knock the balls off the pole. Gladiators may not remove a scoring ball from a contender's hands. Headshots by Gladiators are also forbidden.

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