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Corporate Social Responsibility

Note: In 2011 "Corporate Social Responsibility" nomination name was updated to "Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of the Year".

Criteria: the most relevant contribution to the development of society in Lithuania. The Swedish Business Awards wish to promote and strengthen the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment among corporations. There is a need for greater awareness about CSR and the Swedish Business Awards would like to be a part of that process. The award is an important step to raise the CSR awareness and to attract attention to excellent examples of CSR projects carried out by companies in Lithuania. For this award, the Decision Committee is looking for the organization that can best demonstrate a company-wide commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The Decision Committee is looking for evidence of a clearly articulated and widely communicated CSR strategy embedded in the company’s business strategy, together with examples of policies or projects that positively impact on the society in terms of the environment, employment, education and charitable work.

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