Swampfire - Secondary Characters - The Plumbers - Magister Prior Gilhil

Voiced by:

  • J.K. Simmons - Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Magister Prior Gilhil is a Plumber. He first appears when he encounters Ben, Gwen, and Kevin. Seeing as he hasn't considered the Highbreed a threat, he tells them to not get involved with the Plumbers. Darkstar later tips him off to a fight between Ben Tennyson and a Highbreed Lord, and he also ends up captured by Darkstar. After Gwen and the DNAliens defeat Darkstar, Magister Prior Gilhil made them honorary plumbers and then arrested Darkstar.

Magister Prior Gilhil reappeared in "Escape From Agreggor", where in a flashback; he ended up answering a distress signal coming from Aggregor's ship. When he finds the five captive aliens during an inspection, he ends up knocked out and killed by Aggregor who used his charged-up staff on him. This explained how Aggregor was in his outfit and his ship when he recaptured Galapagus.

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