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Voiced by:

  • Tara Platt - Ben 10: Omniverse

Ester is a Half-Kraaho who first appeared in "Hot Stretch." She was seen stealing a fusion core from a building and was chased through Undertown by Ben and Rook all the way to where the Kraaho were living. She later helped Ben stop Seebik and the Kraaho from bringing the magma up from the Earth. Afterwards, Seebik made Ester the new leader of the Kraaho. According to Ester, the Kraaho will now live in peace with both Bellwood and Undertown. While getting some lemonade to cool off, the Kineceleran children pass by and calls Ben Ester's boyfriend, likewise Ben asks Rook if he had a shot with her, implying a possible relationship of Ben and Ester.

In "Rules of Engagement," Ester comes to Ben for help when the Kraaho are attacked. They find that the person attacking the Kraaho is Princess Looma. During Ben's fight with Princess Looma, Ester, Julie, and Herve are captured by Princess Looma to be involved in Princess Looma's wedding of Ben. After Princess Looma leaves and Julie agrees to remain friends with Ben as she leaves with Herb, Ben leaves with Ester to repair the Kraaho village.

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