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The main points of Maheshwarananda's teachings are physical, mental, social and spiritual health; respect for life; tolerance for all religions, cultures and nationalities; world peace; protection of human rights and values; protection of the environment and preservation of nature; selfless service, and care and love for all living things. According to his teachings, the realization of these fundamental principles of life will lead man to spiritual development, self-realization, and realization of God. Women should protect their honor and beauty and should not sell their nudity for movies and magazines. One should not change religion, but become better Christian. Yoga is not a part of any religion, but all religions are part of Yoga, because Yoga is universal. Yoga is a religion in terms of relation between individual and cosmic self, that is God. It is not a religion in terms of today's understanding of the word religion. Yoga is a Universal principle which balances entire Universe, the space and the consciousness. There is only one religion, humanity. One should not change religion, but become a better Christian, a better Muslim.... a better human according to their religion. Helping hands are worth more than praying hands. Good deeds should be directed towards both animals and humans and not only humans. We can help the world peace by limiting our needs, reduce the use of plastics, become vegetarians and avoid drugs, especially alcohol, which can be considered as a devil in the form of liquid. Peace begins within ones own heart and charity within ones own home.

"Yoga in Daily Life" - developed by Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda is a holistic and comprehensive system concerning body, mind, consciousness and soul. The system can't be described only as a religion or only as exercise. Yogic exercises are so called psychosomatic movements which can be adapted to any individual. The exercises have very old origin coming from ancient yogic scriptures. The system was developed with doctors, therapists and psychologists and is designed as a complete system in the yoga tradition, including all the main yoga paths :

  • the path of the selfless way of acting (Karma Yoga)
  • the path of discipline and meditation (Raja Yoga)
  • the path of devotion (Bhakti Yoga)
  • the path of realization and knowledge (Gyana Yoga)
  • purification techniques (Hatha Yoga)

The system is organized into 8 levels. The goal of "Yoga in Daily Life" is to create a program in which people can learn human responsibility towards the world and environment in which we are living; foster our compassion for all living beings; develop dormant hidden forces, and learn how to use them for the benefit of the world. The system can be lived and practiced independently of age, social status, nationality and denomination. The system is an acknowledged diplomatic course in overseas (European) universities, and is taught in schools and hospitals for physical rehabilitation.

Swamiji's books are published in 11 languages and thousands of non-profit centers of Yoga in Daily life are present in all five continents.

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    ... there are no chains so galling as the chains of ignorance—no fetters so binding as those that bind the soul, and exclude it from the vast field of useful and scientific knowledge. O, had I received the advantages of early education, my ideas would, ere now, have expanded far and wide; but, alas! I possess nothing but moral capability—no teachings but the teachings of the Holy Spirit.
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