Svetlina AD - Svetlina AD (Stara Zagora)

Svetlina AD (Stara Zagora)

Founded in 1949 in Stara Zagora, this plant produces vehicle lamps, ship projectors and many more. It also produces a variety of street lams, the most popular models of which are 36.9.900.094, 36.2.900.101 and 36.2.900.103. An interesting fact is that these lamp models survived for two decades before being replaced with newer, but (as reported by independent specialists in the field of lighting) inferior street lamps, produced by Hit Lighting - Bulgaria. Svetlina's lanterns are bigger and heavier than the Hit Lighting ones. However, they also have bigger refractors, thus spreading light more efficiently. In addition they have an original design, whether the lanterns of Hit Lighting look very similar to the current lanterns of other manufacturers, e.g. General Electric and Technosvet. Svetlina luminaries stayed almost the same in the outside (because their design is considered both standard and aesthetic, while in the same time not being obsolete), but constantly changed in the inside. They were also exported to many countries, particularly to USSR, Russia and Germany. Highly neglected from 2001 to 2006, these lanterns are currently regaining their popularity from the past. As of Early 2008, there aren't any sources available on whether or not these lamp models are still produced.

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Svetlina AD (Stara Zagora) - Products
36.9.900.094 Type Street lamp Voltage 220 V Bulb(s 1x 250 W Size l/w/d)107x40x30 cm Weight kg)14 36.2.900.101 Type Street lamp Voltage 220 V Bulb(s 2x 125 W Size l/w/d)107x40x30 cm Weight kg)16,3 36.2.900 ...