Suzuki Bandit Series

Suzuki Bandit Series

The Suzuki Bandit is a series of standard (sometimes called "sport-standard") street motorcycles produced by Suzuki.

The following different models of the bike have been manufactured:

  • GSF250 with 250 cc (manufactured 1989-94)
  • GSF400 with 400 cc (manufactured 1989-2000)
  • GSF600N/GSF600S with 599 cc (manufactured 1995-2004)
  • GSF650N/GSF650S with 656 cc (manufactured since 2005)
  • GSF750 with 748 cc (manufactured 1996-1999)
  • GSF1200/GSF1200S with 1,157 cc (manufactured since 1996)
  • GSF1250/GSF1250 ABS with 1,255 cc (manufactured since 2007)

All engines are DOHC inline four with 16 valves. 600, 650, 750 and 1200 models employ SACS (Suzuki Advanced Cooling System) cooling that is combined air-cooled and oil-cooled; the 600 cc model's engine is taken from the GSX-F 600 and retuned for more midrange. The 1,200 cc model's engine is a bored out GSXR 1100 item. The 250 and 400 cc models are water-cooled.

For model year 2007, Suzuki abandoned the GSX-R derived engine in favor of a new fuel-injected, liquid-cooled engines. Both 650 and 1250 models now meet Euro3 emission standards.

The 'S' models come with a factory half-fairing, and starting from model year 2000, dual headlights. The base model 'N' is an unfaired naked bike with a single headlight. Not all market areas received both the naked and the half-faired models in any given model year.

The Bandit series originally had a reputation as "hooligan bikes". With more recent revisions, however, the bike has taken on a more streamlined and modern feel, taking it more towards sports tourer territory. The 1200 remains popular with stunt riders, and is used by a wheelie school in the UK.

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