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Vishnu Sahasranama

Vaishnavas consider that Vishnu is the supreme god in the trimurti or Hindu triad. Vishnu sahasranama is one of the most sacred and commonly chanted stotras in Hinduism, and the version found in the Mahābhārata is the most popular. It lists names that each eulogise one of Vishnu's great attributes. Stanza 58 of the Vishnu sahasranama contains the name suṣhēnah:

mahāvarāho govindạh suṣhēnah kanakāngade
guhyo gabhēro gahanọ guptaśchakragadādharah

Authorities have different views of the meaning of the word suṣhēnah in this context.

The Advaita philosopher Adi Shankaracharya wrote a definitive Sanskrit commentary on the sahasranāma in the 8th century CE which has been particularly influential for many schools of Hinduism. His commentary on Stanza 58 included: "Suṣhēnah – He who has a charming army. The army of Vishnu is called as His Ganā. They are mainly constituted of great sages and seers and hence, their compelling enchantment."

In the 13th century CE, Parasara Bhattar wrote a commentary in Tamil on Vishnu sahasranama from a Vaishnavite viewpoint, giving the opinion that Bhagavan (Vishnu) has a body which is pure suddha-sattva, and the constituents of this pure body are like an army that can win over the jivas (nitya-muktas and baddha-muktas) and make them join him in mutual enjoyment of Bliss.

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