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Being the only back-to-back two-time champion in Choujin Olympic history and having defeated the Devil Choujins, the Devil Knights, and having won the Dream Choujin Tag Tournament against the Perfect Choujins, Kinniku Suguru had proven himself worthy to take over his father's throne. However, the 5 Evil Gods (the gods of Intelligence, Brutality, Technique, Flight, and Strength) feared that Kinnikuman taking the throne would be a threat to their evil plans. The God of Intelligence then told the others the story of Suguru's birth. Long ago on Planet Kinniku, Suguru was born in a hospital. But so were five other infants. There was a fire in the wing of the hospital where the six infants were being held. In a panic the six infants were mixed up, leaving the identity of the true Kinniku Prince to be unknown.

The Evil Gods decided that taking advantage of this was the perfect way to bring down Kinnikuman. So each one of them found one of the five others born that day and possessed him, giving him evil thoughts and a 100,000,000 Choujin Power. The God of Strength took Strongman from Canada, changing him into Kinnikuman Big Body. The God of Brutality took Soldierman, changing him into Kinnikuman Soldier. The God of Flight took George the Thief from Mexico, changing him into Kinnikuman Mariposa. The God of Technique took Powerfulman from Namibia, changing him into Kinnikuman Zebra. The God of Intelligence took Phoenixman from Planet Kinniku, changing him into Kinnikuman Super Phoenix.

Suguru's coronation was interrupted when the 5 Evil Gods presented their Kinnikumans (known collectively as the Five Fated Princes) and told everyone the story of the "Real Prince". Suguru tried to prove his heritage by showing the KIN Mark on his butt. But the other 5 had KIN Marks as well (on their backs, though). Feeling as though he's lost everything, Suguru leaves the coronation a broken man, with Meat following behind. Suguru heads for a bridge, planning to remove his mask (an act punishable by suicide in the Kinniku Clan) and then throw himself into the polluted river below. Meat begs him not to, but Suguru has pretty much lost all will to live. He began to lift up his mask when suddenly a bright light emits from his face, cleansing the polluted river below. Meat tells him that this technique is called the Face Flash and is a technique of the Kinniku Clan, proving that Suguru is indeed the true Kinniku Prince. With his confidence regained, Suguru heads back to the coronation to take his throne.

Unsure how to settle this dispute, Suguru's parents decide to hold a Survivor Series. Each Kinnikuman will form a team of five (including themselves) and fight against one another in a tournament. Two of the teams (Team Zebra and Team Soldier) would get the first round off, to make things even. With most of his friends either dead or incapacitated, Suguru's team consisted of himself and Meat.

Mysteriously, Kinnikuman Soldier had no team...

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