Suri Sadar Subdivision - Legislative Segments

Legislative Segments

As per order of the Delimitation Commission in respect of the delimitation of constituencies in West Bengal:

  • The municipal area of Suri, the Suri–I block, the Rajnagar block and the gram panchayats of Chinpai, Gohaliara, Parulia and Sahapur under the Dubrajpur block together will form the Suri assembly constituency.
  • The other six gram panchayats under the Dubrajpur block as well as the municipal area of Dubrajpur and the Khoyrasol block will form the domain of the Dubrajpur assembly constituency.
  • The municipal area of Sainthia, the Suri–II block will be covered by the Sainthia assembly constituency, which will also contain the gram panchayats of Angargaria, Bhutura, Charicha, Mahammad Bazar, Deucha and Puranagram of the Mahammad Bazar block and the gram panchayats of Banagram, Deriapur, Fulur, Horisara, Hatora and Mathpalsa under the Sainthia block.
  • The other six gram panchayats of the Sainthia block will be part of the Labpur assembly constituency.
  • The other six gram panchayats of the Mahammad Bazar block will be part of the Rampurhat assembly constituency.
  • The constituencies of Dubrajpur and Sainthia will be reserved for the Scheduled castes (SC) candidates.
  • The Labpur constituency will be an assembly segment of the Bolpur (Lok Sabha constituency), which will be reserved for SC candidates.
  • The constituencies of Suri, Dubrajpur, Sainthia and Rampurhat will be assembly segments of the Birbhum (Lok Sabha constituency).

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