Surfonic Water Revival - Track Listing, Composers and Artists

Track Listing, Composers and Artists

  1. "Wave Perfect" (Taylor) – Smalltown Poets with Paul Johnson
  2. "California Blue" (Taylor) – Brother's Keeper with Phil Keaggy
  3. "A Good Sailor Knows" (Taylor) – The Insyderz
  4. "Endless Summer (Part 2)" (Taylor) – Chuck Girard with Paul Johnson
  5. "Surfer Girl Replies" (Taylor) – Plumb
  6. "Into the Deep" (Taylor) – Terry Scott Taylor (dedicated to Kerry Livgren)
  7. "Thrill Seeker" (Taylor) – Plankeye
  8. "The Sun Comes Down Again" (Taylor) – Randy Stonehill with Havalina Rail Co.
  9. "Pay For Surf" (Taylor) – Daniel Amos
  10. "Gold Coast" (Altizer/Liles/Krippayne/Siler) – Rebecca St. James
  11. "Sister Mariana Trench" (Taylor) – Silage
  12. "Surfer's Paradise" (Taylor) – All Star United with Phil Keaggy
  13. "Oyster" (Altizer/Liles) – Rick Altizer
  14. "Last Day of Summer" (Altizer/Liles) – Skillet
  15. "Caught Inside" (Morginsky/Terusa/Carson) – The O.C. Supertones
  16. "The Net" (taylor) – Lost Dogs with Rich Young Ruler
  17. "Wave Perfect (Instrumental)" – Paul Johnson on lead guitar

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