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Additional Credits

  • Account Executive: Gavin Thompson
  • Creative Director: Peter Souter
  • Copywriter: Tom Carty
  • Art Director: Walter Campbell
  • Directors of Photography: Ivan Bird, Don King (water), Lee Allison (aerial)
  • Production Designer: Ben Myhill
  • Editor: Sam Sneade, Sam Sneade Editing, London
  • Sound Design / Music Production Company: Wave Studios, London
  • Sound Designer: Johnnie Burn
  • VFX: The Computer Film Company, London
  • VFX Designers: Dan Glass / Adrian de Wet / Paddy Eason / Tom Debenham
  • VFX Artists: Gavin Toomey / Alex Payman / Joe Pavlo
  • VFX 3D Supervisor: Dominic Parker

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