Surface Air Temperature

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Global Climate Model - Projections of Future Climate Change - Accuracy of Models That Predict Global Warming
... Most recent simulations show "plausible" agreement with the measured temperature anomalies over the past 150 years, when forced by observed changes in greenhouse gases and aerosols, and better ... the general features of the observed global temperature over the past century ... climate model predictions that upper air (tropospheric) warming should be greater than surface warming, with observations some of which appeared to show otherwise now appears to have been ...
Temperature Measurement - Surface Air Temperature
... Meteorological observatories measure the temperature and humidity of the air near the surface of the Earth usually using thermometers placed in a Stevenson screen, a standardized well-ventilated white-p ... The world's average surface air temperature is about 15 °C ... For information on temperature changes relevant to climate change or Earth's geologic past see Temperature record ...

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    This pond never breaks up so soon as the others in this neighborhood, on account both of its greater depth and its having no stream passing through it to melt or wear away the ice.... It indicates better than any water hereabouts the absolute progress of the season, being least affected by transient changes of temperature. A severe cold of a few days’ duration in March may very much retard the opening of the former ponds, while the temperature of Walden increases almost uninterruptedly.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    And yet we constantly reclaim some part of that primal spontaneity through the youngest among us, not only through their sorrow and anger but simply through everyday discoveries, life unwrapped. To see a child touch the piano keys for the first time, to watch a small body slice through the surface of the water in a clean dive, is to experience the shock, not of the new, but of the familiar revisited as though it were strange and wonderful.
    Anna Quindlen (b. 1952)

    Soun is noght but air ybroken,
    And every speche that is spoken,
    Loud or privee, foul or fair,
    In his substaunce is but air;
    For as flaumbe is but lighted smoke,
    Right so soun is air ybroke.
    Geoffrey Chaucer (1340–1400)