Supply Voltage

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LED Circuit - Multiple LEDs
... In one configuration, the source voltage may be greater than or equal to the sum of the individual LED voltages typically the LED voltages add up to around two-thirds of the supply ... The other configuration is to run the sum of the supply voltage at approximately 75 – 85% of the combined LED voltages ... While small voltage drops to each LED generally make no discernible loss of intensity or brightness, with sufficient LEDs in series a noticeable drop in brightness begins to show with enough LEDs in the ...
Brushed DC Electric Motor - Speed Control
... a DC motor is proportional to the EMF in its coil (= the voltage applied to it minus voltage lost on its resistance), and the torque is proportional to the current ... control can be achieved by variable battery tappings, variable supply voltage, resistors or electronic controls ... The effective voltage can be varied by inserting a series resistor or by an electronically controlled switching device made of thyristors, transistors, or, formerly, mercury arc rectifiers ...
Low-voltage Positive Emitter-coupled Logic - Power Supplies and Logic Levels
... operate with negative power supplies (positive end of the supply is connected to ground) in contrast to other logic families in which negative end of the supply is grounded ... This is done mainly to minimize the influence of the power supply variations on the logic levels as ECL is more sensitive to noise on the VCC and relatively immune ... Because ground should be the most stable voltage in a system, ECL is specified with a positive ground ...
SNCB Class 13 - History - Design and Construction
... pantographs, one used for AC electrification supply, the other for DC supply ... Under 25kV AC the supply voltage is stepped down by a transformer with four 1375 kW 1520V secondary windings for traction the traction supply is actively rectified using a pulse ... Under 3kV DC electrification the supply voltage is regulated by a chopper to 2200V, producing the same intermiediate DC supply voltage as when under 25kV AC electrification ...
CPU Core Voltage
... The CPU core voltage (VCORE) is the power supply voltage supplied to the CPU (which is a digital circuit), GPU, or other device containing a processing core ... a CPU uses, and thus the amount of heat it dissipates, is the product of this voltage and the current it draws ... the operating system) to adjust the clock speed and core voltage dynamically ...

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