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Thy Kingdom Come

After Mr. America brings word of his run in with Gog to the JSA, the Earth-22 Superman then visits Metropolis, where he uses his listening powers to hear the various conversations around the city and his super vision to check for New Earth Superman. This leads him to the Daily Planet. While there he is almost overwhelmed by the sight of his friends and Lois Lane. He is interrupted by New Earth Superman, and they talk about Gog and the danger he represents. Superman demonstrates that he is more powerful than his younger counterpart when he hears something in Gotham City with his super-hearing that New Earth Superman can't. Arriving in Gotham City, they both confront Hercules, who just survived a battle with Gog; Hercules attacks and injures New Earth Superman, but is defeated by the Earth-22 Superman.

After returning to JSA headquarters he and the JSA are attacked by Gog, who impales a defeated Sandman on his power staff. While the JSA tries to mobilize an attack against Gog, Jakeem Thunder is knocked out before he can summon Thunderbolt to attack, and Cyclone is knocked out before she can use her powers to suffocate him. The team is at a disadvantage in the dark with only Dr. Mid-Nite seeing where Gog was attacking from. Then he and Hourman were knocked out. Finally Gog is attacked by Alan Scott, the Flash, Superman, Power Girl, Hawkman, and Wildcat. The fight eventually spills into the street where Power Girl knocks Gog down; he drops his staff. Mr. America passes it off to Amazing-Man, who absorbs its properties and takes the fight to Gog. The fight transfers to the African Congo, where Gog is attacked by a revived true Gog, who states that Williams has abused his own powers. The true Gog removed his powers from Williams, killing him, and reclaiming all of his own powers.

Superman continues to remain with the New Earth JSA, even becoming a current member of the team. Superman is suspicious of the revived David Reid, who has been revived as Magog. He is fearful that if Reid is now like the being he knew on Earth-22, a major danger will result to this Earth as well.

The Daily Planet is flooded with gas denser than air. Superman arrives and sees the gas is mixed with green gas; Superman is horrified and sees flashbacks of his world, where Joker's attack on the Daily Planet will occur ten years hence. The green gas is filled with kryptonite, which has no effect on Supermen from alternate universes. Superman becomes aware of the terrorists surrounding him, strikes, knocking the terrorists to the ground, and questions them. The terrorist reveals it was Lex Luthor who was behind this, using the kryptonite to lure Superman into a trap. Superman is about to kill the terrorists and is stopped by New Earth's Superman, who is wary of him. Superman feels sorrow and regret when he lashes out and accidentally hits New Earth's Superman. He apologizes but flees at the sound of New Earth's Lois Lane. Later, Lois Lane meets Superman in JSA headquarters, and asks him what happened to Lois Lane of Earth-22. Superman tells her the story of how his wife died by the Joker at the Daily Planet.

Through Sandman, Superman and the JSA learn that Gog is on the verge of permanently rooting himself into the Earth's core, which would result in the planet's destruction if he ever leaves. Realizing their only choice is to kill Gog and remove his head, Superman and the JSA confront Gog, and with the help of Gog's disillusioned followers (Magog among them) achieve their goal. Superman has Starman open a Stargate to the Source Wall, where he places Gog's head. Superman then asks Starman, who has a map of the Multiverse on his costume, to send him back to Earth-22, to just before the bomb that destroyed Kansas went off. However, Superman arrives at the point shortly after Captain Marvel had set off a metahuman-destroying bomb over the Gulag, which corresponds to vol. 4 of the Kingdom Come miniseries. In the epilogue, Superman is shown to have survived 1000 years after his return, and as an old man, he watches the fly-pass of the future generation of superheroes.

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