Superman: World of New Krypton - Plot - Issue 12

Issue 12

Adam managed to Zeta all of them out and back but he was not fast enough to stop Tam-Or from being hit by the kinetic bullets.

Gor, Zo and Zod turned up at their location and Zod demoted Gor to Lancepsade for not following his orders of no lethal force. Zod request Adam Strange’s departure due to his sensitive position as a representative of Rann.

Kal told Zod that Tam was being manipulated and knew who was responsible but died before he could tell them.

Kal and Zod revealed the facts of the case and Kal concluded that Ral-Dar and Tam-Or were probably misled. Kal eventually figured that Councillor Wri-Qin was the mastermind. Kal visited Wri-Qin who revealed that Superwoman came on General Lane’s behalf and convinced them to weaken Krypton, so that Earth can achieve a quicker victory against Krypton.

It was Wri-Qin that had his co-conspirators killed so that he could have all the spoils to himself. Kal and his Red Shard team managed to capture Wri-Qin into custody.

Zod informed Kal that the council has granted the Labour Guild a seat on the council and that Tyr-Van has been named his representative. As Kal-El contemplated his contributions to Krypton, Zod commended him for being instrumental in changing the foundation of society. As they conversed, a Brainiac robot suddenly appears.

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