Superman: World of New Krypton - Plot - Issue 10

Issue 10

Adam Strange explained to the Interim Council that he was not responsible for the councillor’s death as the operation of the Zeta Beam is not a precise transportation instrument. He also revealed that he comes to New Krypton to deliver a former protest due to their establishment of diplomatic accord with Thanagar.

Kal convince the council to allow Adam Strange to leave if he can prove his innocence by solving the murder of Councillor Mar-Li.

An examination of the room revealed that the killer has not left any presence behind. An examination of his body revealed traces of carbon casing for small explosive rounds, fired from a device used to help with terraforming. It was a tool used by the Labour Guild and Mar-Li was vocal opponent of admitting a labour guild member into the council.

Kal and Adam proceed to the Labour Guild to talk to Tam-Or, their unofficial spokesman where they came across another sick Labour guild member. Tam-Or run away from Kal with the help of the Labour Guild members. Adam pursued Tam-Or but he managed to escape.

Kal and Adam revealed their findings while Lieutenant Nar requested for permission to switch to orbital scanners as they have not being able to find Tam-Or. Kal is convinced that Tam-Or is not guilty as he wanted representation for the Labour Guild. Kal’s postulated that killing councillor Mar-Li may be an assassination attempt. Kal’s aunt Alura, another council member is seen targeted in a sniper’s scope.

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