Superconducting Magnet

A superconducting magnet is an electromagnet made from coils of superconducting wire. They must be cooled to cryogenic temperatures during operation. In its superconducting state the wire can conduct much larger electric currents than ordinary wire, creating intense magnetic fields. Superconducting magnets can produce greater magnetic fields than all but the strongest electromagnets and can be cheaper to operate because no energy is dissipated as heat in the windings.

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Superconducting Magnet - Uses
... Superconducting magnets have a number of advantages over resistive electromagnets ... They can be smaller, and the area at the center of the magnet where the field is created is empty rather than being occupied by an iron core ... Most importantly, for large magnets they can consume much less power ...
Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer - History - AMS-02
... A cryogenic, superconducting magnet system was developed for the AMS-02 ... Late in its development, poorly understood anomalous heating in the cryogenic magnet system was discovered ... to abandon the cryogenic system in favor of a previously developed but less capable permanent magnet system ...

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