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The Team

  • Daiki Nishio/SolBraver (西尾 大樹/ソルブレイバー, Nishio Daiki/Sorubureibā?): Daiki is Ryoma's successor. He wears blue armor, and his primary vehicle is SolGallop. He only can wear his solid suit, and his transformation call is "Plus Up" (プラスアップ, Purasu Appu?). He is armed with Cerberus Delta (a triangular gun), which can transform into a rod or a sword.
  • Reiko Higuchi/SolJeanne (樋口 玲子/ソルジャンヌ, Higuchi Reiko/Sorujannu?): Reiko is Junko's successor. She wears red armor, a black-and-white flameproof suit and a helmet without a mouthplate (so she can wear also an oxygen mask). Her primary vehicle is SolDrecker, which also carries Dozer. Her transformation call is also "Plus Up" (プラスアップ, Purasu Appu?), and her weapon is a small gun.
  • SolDozer (ソルドーザー, Sorudōzā?): Dozer is Bycle's and Walter's successor. He is a yellow robot and can transform into a rescue machine.

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