Super Powers Collection - Unproduced Figures

Unproduced Figures

The Tower of Darkness playset featuring the likeness of Darkseid was far in development yet never appeared on store shelves. Featured on action figure cards of the third wave, the set was previewed at the 1986 Toy Fair.

After 10 years of chronicling the history of the Super Powers Collection, in 2003 toy historian Jason Geyer's ToyOtter website revealed the never-before-seen designs for the unmade Series Four, Five, and Six, along with vehicles, playsets and a deluxe "Power Plus" figure line. Action figures proposed with supporting artwork revealed were Man-Bat*, El Dorado*, Quadrex/Insecta Six/Bio Bug* (a possibly nod to Superman villain Grax), Shockwave*, Silicon*, Blue Devil, Bizarro, Creeper, Metallo, Executioner, Supergirl, John Stewart, Kid Flash, Manhunter, Vigilante, Mister Mxyzptlk, Black Vulcan, Reverse Flash, Deathstroke, Obsidian, Black Racer, Atomic Knight, Howitzer, and variants of Superman (Robot Superman and Kryptonite Superman). The Power Plus Line featured Superman*, Batman*, Firestorm*, Cyborg*, Rocketman*, Wonder Twins, Robin, and unidentified hawk person. Vehicles include All-Terrain Trapper*, Brainiac Brain Ship, Cyborg Crawler (a redesigned Evil Cat Crawler), Fist Fighter, Jump Jet, Snooper Scout, Superman Glider, and Plasticman Car. Further, there was a golden assortment for Superman to represent his 50th anniversary with a golden repaint of Superman, Supermobile, and collector's case. It should be noted, while a Catwoman action figure was long believed to be in the works, no material discovered supports its existence beyond the initial pitch of Kenner to acquire the license.

Other figures that were suggested to be in development but no tangible evidence has surfaced to support their existence were Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Batgirl, Solomon Grundy, Swamp Thing, Metron, Lightray, Power Girl, Dream Girl, and Dawnstar. It was suggested that the Snare Arm Swamp Thing from the Swamp Thing toyline was made from a figure slated for the Super Powers line but this was shown to be false.

Note: An asterisk (*) denotes a known prototype to exist.

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