Suomen Huippumalli Haussa, Cycle 1 - Episode Summaries - Nukkeneidit Vauhdissa (Dolls Get Up To Speed)

Nukkeneidit Vauhdissa (Dolls Get Up To Speed)

original air date 13 April 2008

The girls had their makeovers: many girls went through radical changes, and not all took them gracefully. Ana, whose hair was lightened from brunette to light brown and cut, felt her hair had been ruined and ended up crying over the change. Meanwhile, Manon complained that her new shorter haircut made her look too butch. After the makeovers, the girls had a makeup challenge to create a casting look in ten minutes. Anu won the challenge and chose Darina and Maria to go shopping with her while the other girls cleaned the house. The girls then had a photoshoot at the Helsinki Opera House, where they portrayed different dolls amongst the opera house mannequins. Each girl was given only twenty minutes to pose, adding the emphasis on being quick to take on a role.

  • Challenge: Casting make-up
  • Challenge winner: Anu (friends: Darina & Maria)
  • Photo shoot: Helsinki Opera House dolls
Model Doll
Ana Happy
Ani Dead
Anu Evil
Armi Feminine & noble
Daniela Noble
Darina Manly, raunchy & sexy
Manon Dramatic
Mari Wooden
Maria Fragile & refined
Marje Masculine
Tatjana Dramatic

Several of the girls struggled with the challenge: Maria felt awkward due to her dress being several sizes too large, Darina disliked her outfit and had problems with producing the "doll-like" look in her eyes, and Tatjana became distracted by the stuffed magpie placed on her head. At panel, Manon was praised for her courage in front of the camera despite struggling somewhat, and both Daniela and Mari were applauded for their creativity on set. In the end, the bottom two were Darina for struggling with bringing a strong gaze to her picture, and Armi for failing to produce a photo that would have pleased the judges.

  • Bottom two: Armi & Darina
  • Eliminated: Armi

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