Sunshine (Kinnikuman)

Sunshine (Kinnikuman)

The following is a list of characters from Kinnikuman, the manga/anime series. The characters are listed by story arc appearance order.

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Sunshine (Kinnikuman) - Others
... KinnikumanMariposa (キン肉マン・マリポーサ?), originally Thief George (盗人ジョージ, Nusutto Jooji?) was one of the Five Fated Princes (運命の五王子, Unmei no Go Ouji?) from the final story ... The future KinnikumanMariposa was born on the same day and in the same hospital as Kinnikumanand four other young boys, but because of a fire the children were mixed up and the true ... After Kinnikumanhad proven himself worthy to become the next king of his home planet, five evil gods sought out the other potential heirs and gave them great Chōjin power to become the Five Fated ...

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