Summers (owarai) - Otake and Mimura

Otake and Mimura

The group consists of Kazuki Ōtake (大竹一樹), born December 8, 1967, and Masakazu Mimura (三村マサカズ), born June 8, 1967. Both comedians were born in Sumida, Tokyo.

Usually functioning as the boke, Ōtake is famous for his ability to spontaneously spurt out meaningless, yet funny lines, and for his crude jokes (shimoneta). His amazing ability to entertain audiences with strange, nonsensical gags was dubbed "Ōtake World" on Uchi-P. He was told many times that he looked like his partner Mimura, and decided to wear glasses in order to distinguish himself. He does not, however, normally wear glasses. He enjoys wearing short sleeves over long sleeved T-shirts, and has been given the title "King of Sexual Harassment".

As the tsukkomi of the group, Mimura is also known to perform tsukkomi on himself, and was given the nickname "Kantō's #1 Tsukkomi King". He attempted to become a boke once on Uchi-P but couldn't pull it off as he continually resorted to using shimoneta. He is a prolific game show contestant, and once won ¥1,000,000 on Quiz$Millionaire, the Japanese equivalent of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. He is also considered a decent manga artist.

Mimura is also a frequent target of dokkiri subjected on him by Ōtake and the rest of the crew on Uchi-P. He jokes that he has become so accustomed to being surprised by dokkiri that he can predict when he is going to be fooled in the morning before he leaves his home to go to work.

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