Suksaha (Manchu: ; Chinese: 蘇克薩哈; pinyin: Sūkèsàhā) was a one of the Four Regents during the early reign of the Kangxi Emperor in the Qing Dynasty.

Like his father Suna, he was from the Nara clan, but the family fought under the White Banner of the Manchu Eight Banners instead. During the Manchurian conquest of China, he was rewarded for his military successes and was made a Grand Councillor (議政大臣). During that time, Suksaha was loyal to the Prince Regent Dorgon.

After the death of the Shunzhi Emperor, Suksaha was made one of the four regents supporting the young Kangxi Emperor, alongside Sonin, Ebilun and Oboi, ranking second in the chain of command. He became entangled in political and personal disputes with Oboi during the Emperor's minority, and he split decisively with Oboi. Oboi was looking to consolidate power in his own hands through discrediting the other three regents; Sonin was old and frail, and Ebilun was seen as weak. Suksaha thus became Oboi's only serious political rival.

Ultimately, Oboi and his ally Banbursan produced a list of 24 crimes allegedly committed by Suksaha and ordered for him to be put to death by hanging in 1667.

Name Suksaha
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Date of death 1667
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Imperial regents during the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1912)
List of emperors of the Qing Dynasty
Empresses Dowager
  • Xiaozhuang
  • Ci'an
  • Cixi
  • Longyu
Appointed regents
  • Dorgon
  • Sonin*
  • Oboi*
  • Ebilun*
  • Suksaha*
  • Sushun*
  • Duanhua*
  • Zaiyuan*
  • Yixin (Prince Gong)
  • Zaifeng
Asterix (*) denotes that regent was part of a regency council.

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