Sukhdev Singh Babbar - Death


He died on 9 August 1992 when heavily armed policemen stormed a comfortable villa in the crowded city of Patiala in early August and captured him. At the time, he was India's most wanted Sikh militant. As per The New York Times, The circumstances of his death remain disputed. Initially, police said that he was killed in a gun battle outside the city. After that, they said that he was unarmed and that he committed suicide by ingesting a cyanide capsule. A third report said that he was shot by the police after his capture. On his controversial death, he was described as the most prominent militant leader since 1978 who had aura of invincibility, his death severely weakened BKI.

Faultlines indicates India used the cat system (Special Forces personnel disguised as militants), to trap Mr. Babbar. He was captured with the help of a former Babbar militant turned police-cat, who informed on him in exchange for a reward of INR 1,000,000. This former militant helped trap Mr. Babbar by arranging a meeting of top Babbar militants, ostensibly to work out future strategy. For helping neutralize the chief of the most powerful militant group in the state, the turned militant also received a full third of the reward on Singh.

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