Suhrawardi or al-Suhrawardi (Persian: سهروردی‎) is a name that may refer to:

    • Shahab al-Din Suhrawardi (1155–1191), Iranian philosopher also known as Sohrevardi
  • The Suhrawardiyya order of Sufism
    • Abu al-Najib al-Suhrawardi (1097–1168), Iranian Sufi, founder of the Suhrawardiyya order
    • Abu Hafs Umar al-Suhrawardi (1144–1234), Iranian Sufi, nephew of Abu al-Najib al-Suhrawardi
  • Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy (1892–1963), South Asian politician from East Bengal, Chief Minister of undivided Bengal and prime minister of Pakistan

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... The founder of this order was Abdul-Wahir Abu Najib as-Suhrawardi (d ... migrations into India during the Mongol Invasion Consquently, it was Abu Najib as-Suhrawardi’s nephew that helped bring the Suhrawardiyyah to mainstream awareness ... Abu Hafs Umar as-Suhrawardi (d ...
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Abu Hafs Umar Al-Suhrawardi
... Abu Hafs Umar al-Suhrawardi (Persianعمر سهروردى) (–1144-1234) was a Kurdish or Persian Sufi from Chorasmia and nephew of Abu al-Najib al-Suhrawardi ... the Sufi order of Suhrawardiyya, that had been created by his uncle Abu al-Najib al-Suhrawardi, obtaining the support of the caliph ... Shaykh Shihab al-Din ‘Umar al-Suhrawardi, Shaykh 'Abu Hafs al-Suhrawardi, Hadrat Shaykh Shihab al-Din `Umar b ...
Tariqa - Meaning
... Khawaja Mawdood Chisti while Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti is the most famous sheikh the Suhrawardi Order, named after Shahab al-Din Suhrawardi ... example, the Qalandariyya and Wafa'i orders are offshoots of the Suhrawardi order ...
Abu Al-Najib Suhrawardi
... Abu al-Najib Suhrawardi (Persian ابوالنجیب عبدالقادر سهروردی)a (1097–1168) was a Sunni Kurdish or Persian Sufi who was born in Sohrevard near Zanjan and founded the Suhrawardiyya Sufi ... His paternal nephew Abu Hafs Umar al-Suhrawardi expanded the order ... His name is also sometimes transcribed as Diya al-din Abu 'n-Najib as-Suhrawardi ...