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Sustainable Development

The company has participated in several flagship projects, including a joint venture between Renault and SITA France (a Suez Environnement subsidiary) which seeks to achieve 95% reclamation of all vehicle car parts by 2015, and Lyonnaise des Eaux’s successful 12 million cubic metres water savings in 2006. On the whole, indicators of this plan have been positive. The company has noted:

  • An increase in recovery rate of treated waste by nearly 2% from 2006 to 2009, meaning 12.8 million tons of “secondary raw materials” and compost were produced in 2009
  • A decrease in direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions from 6.07 MT CO² eq. in 2006 to 5.88 in 2009
  • An increase in production of useful sustainable energy – from 2,070 GWh in 2006 to 2,500 in 2009

In recent years, the Group has been called to answer general criticisms regarding the privatisation of water distribution utilities and associated price increases, with apparently detrimental effects on the poor. The Group has responded that its investments and service provision have improved water quality and increased accessibility to water sources for people in the zones where it operates.

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