Substandard Loans

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Subprime Mortgage Crisis - Causes - Role of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
... came from private lending institutions in 2006 and the share of subprime loans insured by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac decreased as the bubble got bigger (from a high of insuring 48 percent to insuring 24 percent of. 434 billion in securities backed by subprime loans, creating a market for more such lending." Furthermore, a 2004 HUD report admitted that while trading securities ... that, in 2008, Fannie and Freddie held 13 million substandard loans totaling over $2 trillion ...

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    The contented and economically comfortable have a very discriminating view of government. Nobody is ever indignant about bailing out failed banks and failed savings and loans associations.... But when taxes must be paid for the lower middle class and poor, the government assumes an aspect of wickedness.
    John Kenneth Galbraith (b. 1908)