Subdirectly Irreducible

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Subdirectly Irreducible Algebra
... branch of mathematics known as universal algebra (and in its applications), a subdirectly irreducible algebra is an algebra that cannot be factored as a subdirect product ... Subdirectly irreducible algebras play a somewhat analogous role in algebra to primes in number theory ...
Subdirectly Irreducible Algebra - Examples
... a Heyting algebra, a lattice, or a semilattice, is subdirectly irreducible ... In fact, a distributive lattice is subdirectly irreducible if and only if it has exactly two elements ... or more elements, as a Heyting algebra, is subdirectly irreducible ...

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    If an irreducible distinction between theatre and cinema does exist, it may be this: Theatre is confined to a logical or continuous use of space. Cinema ... has access to an alogical or discontinuous use of space.
    Susan Sontag (b. 1933)