Students of Georgetown, Inc. - History - The 1970s - 1972


On March 6, 1972, Students of Georgetown was officially incorporated as a non-profit organization in the District of Columbia.

Cochetti described the organization's goals as "to assert and protect the inherent rights of its members and the community" through the use of powers available to corporations, such as making contracts, borrowing money, and receiving property. The organization soon began using its independent status to develop and expand a number of new businesses designed for students' needs. It is not known when the organization formally adopted the name "The Corp."

Shortly thereafter, students began selling extremely low-cost yogurt and water on the University's Healy Lawn to fund the fledgling corporation—at times to the same demonstrators whose gassing had prompted the group's formation. The program, In September 1972 the Corp assumed control of The Book Co-op—another, older student-run business. The Book Co-op is the only Corp business to actually predate the Corp.

The Corp opened its first storefront called "The Record Co-op" or "Diemusbiederplatz" in the basement of New South Hall that same month.

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