Stuart School of Business

Stuart School Of Business

IIT Stuart School of Business (often just Stuart or IIT Stuart) is an academic unit of the Illinois Institute of Technology, a private Ph.D.-granting technological university. IIT Stuart’s mission is to teach a range of business programs that incorporate a real-world perspective, analytic/quantitative skills, the relationship between business and technology, and the multidisciplinary components of strategic competitiveness to full-time and in-career globally diverse students and to conduct theoretical and applied research in business and management-related disciplines.

IIT Stuart programs are centered on the concept of strategic competitiveness, a unique perspective that builds upon the emerging emphasis of design in business education and expands that focus to complex issues facing organizations today. Specifically, strategic competitiveness provides a business education with a dynamic formula of creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership, incisive decision-making, and sustainability, designed to help students succeed both in today’s competitive global marketplace and in the complex economy of tomorrow.

IIT Stuart offers bachelor's, master's, doctoral, and non-degree programs, as well as graduate certificate programs. In addition to the MBA, Stuart offers interdisciplinary programs such as Mathematical Finance, Marketing Analytics & Communication, Public Administration, and Environmental Management and Sustainability in conjunction with departments such as the IIT Institute of Design and the Center for Sustainable Enterprise. Stuart also offers a Doctoral program in Operations with concentrations in Finance and Management. The Center for Financial Markets provides focused curriculum in financial engineering and programming, trading strategy, the financial markets, and information technology. IIT's Master of Science in Finance is focused on quantitative techniques used in modern financial markets and is concentrated in risk management, corporate finance, and quantitative finance.

The first quantitative finance masters program was started by Illinois Institute of Technology's Stuart School of Business in 1990. It was the first official program with a quantitative curriculum that prepared students to work as quantitative analysts and in risk management positions. The program was meant to place students within the financial markets. It was the first financial engineering, computational finance, mathematical finance type of program. Dr. Michael Ong had structured the quantitative part of this program and it was called Masters of Science in Quantitative Finance and Masters of Science in Financial Markets and Trading. These programs were combined in 2008, and the program is now called Masters of Science in Finance with Financial Engineering Concentration. RISK magazine acknowledged it as the first of its kind. Carnegie Mellon was second with the Masters of Computational Finance program in 1994.

The graduate program in Public Administration encompasses the disciplines of political science and sociology, with special emphases in the fields of urban government and community affairs, policy analysis, organization and management of work, public finance, public safety, and nonprofit management. IIT has offered educational programs in public administration since the 1940s and has awarded the Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) degree, the most widely recognized professional credential, since the mid-1960s.

Stuart is located in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, USA.

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