Strongly Polynomial Time

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Time Complexity - Polynomial Time - Strongly and Weakly Polynomial Time
... in optimization, one differentiates between strongly polynomial time and weakly polynomial time algorithms ... Strongly polynomial time is defined in the arithmetic model of computation ... (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and comparison) take a unit time step to perform, regardless of the sizes of the operands ...
Linear Programming - Open Problems and Recent Work
... List of unsolved problems in computer science Does linear programming admit a strongly polynomial-time algorithm? There are several open problems in the theory of linear programming, the ... Does LP admit a strongly polynomial-time algorithm? Does LP admit a strongly polynomial algorithm to find a strictly complementary solution? Does LP admit a polynomial ... While algorithms exist to solve linear programming in weakly polynomial time, such as the ellipsoid methods and interior-point techniques, no algorithms have yet been found that allow strongly ...

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