Strong Force

  • (noun): (physics) the interaction that binds protons and neutrons together in the nuclei of atoms; mediated by gluons.
    Synonyms: strong interaction, color force

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Nuclear Fission - Physical Overview - Energetics - Input
... about 7 to 8 MeV to initially overcome the strong force which holds the nucleus into a spherical or nearly spherical shape, and from there, deform it into a two-lobed ("peanut ... to a critical distance, beyond which the short range strong force can no longer hold them together, the process of their separation proceeds from the energy of the (longer range) electromagnetic repulsion between the ... binding of an extra neutron to the heavy nucleus via the strong force however, in many fissionable isotopes, this amount of energy is not enough for fission ...
Fundamental Models - Nuclear Forces
... Main article Nuclear force See also Strong interaction and Weak interaction There are two "nuclear forces" which today are usually described as interactions that ... The strong nuclear force is the force responsible for the structural integrity of atomic nuclei while the weak nuclear force is responsible for the decay of ... The strong force is today understood to represent the interactions between quarks and gluons as detailed by the theory of quantum chromodynamics (QCD) ...
Strong Interaction
... In particle physics, the strong interaction (also called the strong force, strong nuclear force, or color force) is one of the four fundamental interactions of nature, the others being ... which in turn is orders of magnitude stronger than the weak force interaction and gravitation ... The strong interaction is observable in two areas on a larger scale (about 1 to 3 femtometers (fm)), it is the force that binds protons and neutrons (nucleons) together to form the nucleus of an atom ...

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