Strengthening Participatory Organization

Strengthening Participatory Organization is the largest rights-based national support organization in Pakistan working since 1994 to strengthen and support community organizations and public interest institutions for promotion of democratic governance, social justice, peace and social harmony. SPO engages civil society networks, faith-based organisations and groups representing a wide range of stakeholders.

SPO focuses on capacity building of community institutions and nurtures civil society networks at the grassroots. SPO has so far worked in 77 districts out of 110 across four provinces and trained more than 3000 community-based and local government institutions, strengthened 56 rights-based advocacy networks and undertook special projects for girls’ education and humanitarian relief in case of natural disasters. All special projects are run with the help of community partners.

SPO envisions a democratic, socially just and tolerant society guided by participatory principles, which realizes the full potential of its people and their aspirations for sustainable and self-reliant development.

The mission is to strengthen and support community organisations and public interest institutions of Pakistan for the benefit of poor and disadvantaged sections of society for sustainable development through a participatory approach.

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