Storylines of Shortland Street (2010) - Storylines By Month - March


  • Gabrielle leaves Ferndale for Zurich.
  • Kieran and Sophie trick Hunter and Callum into coming to the McKay house and get married in front of them.
  • Isaac Worthington arrives in Ferndale with an initial love interest in Libby. Libby initially dislikes him but he grows on him and the two go on a date. After Libby learns that Isaac is related to Chris, she doesn't stop seeing him but she breaks up with him when she saw him flirting with Tracey.
  • Nicole Miller leaves Ferndale after she has to compete with Maia's dead wife, Jay Copeland.
  • Sarah and Daniel were stuck with neighbors from hell.
  • Hunter gets stabbed in the shoulder with a used needle which is probably contaminated with HIV from a patient he gave needles to and possibly catches Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Hunter finds out he is HIV negative in May.
  • Sarah and Daniel move in with Maxwell temporarily until they find a new home.
  • Yvonne, Ben, Gerald, Daniel and Loren all sign up to Loren's fathers play. Gerald gets the lead role.
  • Tania arrives back from her break in Samoa and starts seeing Isaac.
  • Doug Morrison, Tracey's brother and cop, arrives in Ferndale.
  • Libby, Gerald and Yvonne are shocked when Rachel announces that administration is overstaffed and one of their jobs will have to go.
  • Sophie and Kieran return from their honeymoon.
  • Rachel tells Libby, Gerald and Yvonne that one of them will get fired. Libby overhears Rachel and Callum discussing that Yvonne will be the one that will get fired. Libby and Gerald tell Rachel if she is to fire Yvonne, the two of them will resign. Rachel accepts their resignations. Libby and Gerald then both take a pay cut so Yvonne can stay as well. None of them end up getting fired.

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