Sto Para Pente - Cast and Characters

Cast and Characters

  • The "Five":
    • Smaragda Karydi as Dahlia Hatzialexandrou: A really rich woman who lives in her loneliness for years and found the friendship with the other four guys. In the airplane accident she lost her love interest and limousine driver Mr. Stergiou. In the end she married her secretary Alexis Stergiou (son of her former limousine driver) and had two twin children.
    • Elisavet Konstantinidi as Zoumboulia Abatzidou: A village woman who came in Athens to care her infant grandson and to live with her long-time enemy kinswoman Marlene Dorkofiki. In the airplane accident she lost her husband Charalabos Abatzidis. In the end she married Constable Anastasios Jumanis.
    • Giorgos Kapoutzidis as Spyros Deloglou: A withdrawn young man who lives with his grandmother a really bored life. In the airplane accident he lost his parent Eustathios and Dimitra Deloglou.
    • Argiris Aggelou as Fotis Voulinos: A young boy who deeply despises his cousin, who is an incredibly stupid woman. They work together at the same TV network owned by Fotis' father. In the airplane accident he lost his mother and two-year-old sister.
    • Aggeliki Labri as Aggela Ioakimidou. There aren't any exact details for Aggela's family but it is known that she was living on her own since she was 16 years old. Her father was in the plane.
  • Other main characters:
  • Zeta Makripoulia as Amalia Antonopoulou (and narrator)(deceased). The stewardess killed in the plane accident along with the entire crew and passengers include and the relatives of Zoumboulia, Spyros, Fotis and Angela and Dahlia's lover. After that she became Spyros' guardian angel and helps them to find the murderers. She appears as the granddaughter of an old woman, neighbour of Spyros. Before her death she was a married woman and member of another gang of five. Finally, after the death of Sryro's grandmother Sophia she reveres who she is and leaves them forever.
  • Irene Koumarianou as Sophia Baxevani, Spyros' grandmother (deceased). Spyros' grandmother. She keeps him after the death of his parents. Spyros takes care for her and never leaves her alone. Her best friend is Theopoula and with her she follows the five without their knowledge. She died after the end of the adventures and like Amalia she became a guardian angel.
  • Efi Papatheodorou as Theopoula Tzini ("genie"), Sophia's neighbor and best friend (deceased)
  • Michalis Marinos as Alexis Stergiou, Dahlia's financial adviser
  • Popi Christodoulou as Martha and Ritsa, Dahlia's twin maidservants
  • Pavlos Orkopoulos as Thomas Voulinos, Fotis' father and owner of TeleBOAS
  • Melina Kyriakopoulou as Frida Papaparaskeva, Fotis' cousin and TeleBOAS news anchor, reporter, singer, dancer, writer, director, producer etc.
  • Eleni Krita as Marilena ("Marinella") Dorkofiki, Zoumboulia's kinswoman
  • Dimitris Petropoulos as Aris Pavrinos (anonymous "chief bad guy" during the first season, later revealed to be the Prime Minister) (deceased)
  • Gerasimos Michelis as Andreas Kalogirou, ("the man in black" bad guy)
  • Patrikios Kosti as Nikos Kalathas ("the tall" bad guy)
  • Secondary characters":
  • Katerina Theochari as Garoufalia ("the short one") Tzini, Theopoula's daughter-in-law
  • Iosif Iosifidis as Avraam Letzos (1st season)
  • Petroula Hristou as Anna Ampatzidou, Zoumpoulia's daughter, a physician
  • Thanasis Tsekouras as Vasilis Tzinis, Theopoula's son
  • Anestis Katountis as police officer Athanasios Tzoumanis
  • Guest appearances:
  • Alkis Panagiotidis as former minister Evagelos Stavrianidis (episodes 1,2) (deceased)
  • Valia Yannarou as Elena (episodes 2-5)
  • Thodoris Anthopoulos as Timos (episodes 1, 5-7)
  • Isidoros Stamoulis as Lefteris (episodes 6,7)
  • Sofia Vogiatzaki as Zanna Ioannou (episodes 8-11)
  • Antonis Karustinos as "bad guy #3" (episodes 18-20) (deceased)
  • Anastasis Kolovos as Argyris (episodes 18-20) (deceased)
  • Marianna Loukaki as Dina (episodes 15-17, 33)
  • Antonis Babounis as Konstantinos Kastelis (episodes 21,22) (deceased)
  • Vicky Vanita as Fotini Koutsioumari (episodes 21,22) (deceased)
  • Giorgos Kimoulis as Gerasimos Venetopoulos (episode 26) (deceased)
  • Mimi Denissi as herself (episode 34)
  • Nikos Nikolaou as Dimosthenis Politis (episodes 31-35) (deceased)
  • Vagelis Ploios as Aristidis Politis (episodes 34,35) (deceased)
  • Nikos Arvanitis as Giannis Delikaris (episodes 40-42)
  • Lina Eksarxou as Elli (episodes 41-43)
  • Stratis Ampanoudis as Isidoros Drougos (episodes 39,47,49)
  • Niki Hatzidou as Katerina Aslanoglou-Limnioti (episodes 45, 47-49)
  • Giorgos Kotanidis as Hristos Limniotis (episodes 48, 49)
  • Vaso Goulielmaki as Zoe Papadogianni (episode 49)
  • Panos Hatzikoutselis as Ralph "Postlethwaite-or-something" (episode 49)
  • Mania Bousboura journalist (various episodes)
  • Liana Kaneli as herself (episode 49)

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