Stirling Elevator

Stirling elevator is a large concrete grain terminal located three quarters of a mile north east of the town of Stirling, Alberta. The elevator stands 200 feet tall and is surrounded by grain fields that stretch out for hundreds of miles east, north and south.

The large elevator was built between 1998-1999 with a cost of $11 million and was one of the first elevators of its kind in the area. The elevator was built with a capacity of 17,500 metric tonnes (19,300 imperial tonnes) the elevator has a total of 150,000 metric tonnes (660 million lbs) a year, this could feed over 1.3 million people a year. Eighty percent of the local farmers grain that passes through the grain elevator is shipped overseas, feeding people all over the world.

The elevator may be a large building, but only requires a minimum of 6 people to maintain the elevator, due to the central computer system, making it possible to ship 5,000 tonnes in one day; loading train cars and unloading trucks both at the same time.

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