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SI Multiples

Steradians only go up to 4π ≈ 12.56637, so the large multiples are not usable for the base unit, but could show up in such things as rate of coverage of solid angle, for example.

Multiple Name Symbol May be visualized as...
101 decasteradian dasr Surface area of the Americas plus liquid water on Earth, relative to Earth (cyan on map)
100 steradian sr Area of Oceania plus Asia excluding Russia, relative to Earth (yellow on map)
10−1 decisteradian dsr Area of Algeria plus Libya, relative to Earth (green on map)
10−2 centisteradian csr Area of Zimbabwe, relative to Earth (blue on map)
10−3 millisteradian msr Area of Switzerland, relative to Earth (red on map)
10−6 microsteradian µsr Area of Costa Mesa, California, relative to Earth
10−9 nanosteradian nsr About 8 American football fields, relative to Earth
10−12 picosteradian psr Area of a small apartment, relative to Earth
10−15 femtosteradian fsr Area of a sheet of A5 paper, relative to Earth
10−18 attosteradian asr Area of a quarter-inch square, relative to Earth
10−21 zeptosteradian zsr Cross-sectional area of 32 gauge wire, relative to Earth
10−24 yoctosteradian ysr Surface area of a red blood cell, relative to Earth

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