Stephen Taber III - Biography - USDA Years

USDA Years

His first position was with the Entomology Research Division of USDA as an assistant to Dr. O. Mackenson in Baton Rouge, La. This is where he met his longtime friend Murray S. Blum. It was during this time that Steve pioneered the use of instrumental (artificial) insemination, undertaking some of the first seminal and biochemical investigations carried out with invertebrate spermatozoa.

After 15 years in Baton Rouge, he was transferred to the USDA Bee Research Center in Tucson, Arizona, where, in his words, "he was his own instructor." Steve traveled extensively teaching, lecturing, and researching.

Steve retired from the USDA and moved to Vacaville, CA where in cooperation with Tom Parisian, he founded the company known as "Taber's Honey Bee Genetics" in 1978. Steve later moved to southern France before returning in recent years to his home state of South Carolina. He enjoyed international prestige as a bee researcher and queen breeder and spoke at beekeepers' conventions across Europe. Steve continued his queen rearing and research work on a limited basis, although he continued to be a prolific writer until shortly before his death in 2008.

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