Steamhammer may refer to:

  • Steam hammer, a steam-powered industrial machine tool
  • Phenomena of steam distribution system (Water hammer#Related phenomena)
  • Steamhammer (band), English blues-rock band
    • Steamhammer (album) (also known as Reflection), debut album of the band Steamhammer
  • Steamhammer Records, a subsidiary of SPV GmbH
  • Steamhammer (Transformers), the name of several fictional characters in the Transformers Constructicons line

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Speech (album)
... and last album of the British blues-rock band Steamhammer ... In 1971, Kieran White and Steve Davy left Steamhammer, and bassist Louis Cennamo joined guitarist Martin Pugh and drummer Mick Bradley ... Due to the Bradley's untimely death from leukemia, shortly after the album's release, Steamhammer dissolved, and Speech ended up being their final album ...
Sodom Discography - Albums - Studio Albums
... Year Album details Notes 1986 Obsessed by Cruelty Released May 1986 Label Steamhammer Formats LP, CD, cassette Two versions of Obsessed by Cruelty. 1987 Persecution Mania Released December 1987 Label Steamhammer "A virtual tour de force of blinding speed and blunt force, it is also arguably the best album of Sodom's checkered career ... What You Deserve Released January 1994 Label Steamhammer 1995 Masquerade in Blood Released June 1995 Label Steamhammer 1997 'Til Death Do Us Unite Released 24 February 1997 Label ...
Sodom Discography - Extended Plays
1984 In the Sign of Evil Released May 1984 Label Steamhammer Formats LP, CD, cassette Line-up Angel Ripper – vocals, bass Grave Violator – guitars Witchhunter – drums Re-released in 1988 (and in 2001 ... vocals 1989 Ausgebombt Released 11 September 1989 Label Steamhammer 1991 The Saw Is the Law Released January 1991 Label Steamhammer 1993 Aber Bitte mit Sahne Released October 1993 Label Steamhammer ...
Kiko Loureiro - Discography - Angra
1998) Lisbon single (1998) Rainy Nights single (1998) Rebirth (SPV GmbH/Steamhammer, 2001) Acid Rain single (2001) Hunters and Prey EP (SPV GmbH/Steamhammer, 2002) Rebirth World Tour – Live in São Paulo ...