Statute Law Revision Act

Statute Law Revision Act is a stock short title which was formerly used, in the United Kingdom and Canada, and is still used in Australia and in the Republic of Ireland, for legislation whose purpose was statute law revision. Such Acts normally repealed legislation which was either obsolete in the sense of being no longer relevant, or spent in the sense of having ceased to be in force otherwise than by virtue of formal repeal (for example because the Act was only in force for a particular time or purpose which has expired). In the United Kingdom, the short title Statute Law (Repeals) Act is now used instead. "Statute Law Revision Acts" may collectively refer to enactments with this short title.

The single biggest Statute Law Revision Act in any jurisdiction was the Statute Law Revision Act 2007 enacted in Ireland which repealed 3,225 previous Acts. The Statute Law Revision programme commenced in Ireland in 2003 which has resulted in four Statute Law Revision Acts to date (see below) and the express repeal of a total of around 8,000 Acts is the largest statute law revision programme carried out internationally.

Statute Law Revision Acts are sometimes referred to as expurgation Acts.

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