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Oklahoma State System Of Higher Education - State System Overview
... enrollment of more than 247,000 students, the State System consists of 25 colleges and universities – including two research universities, 11 regional universities and 12 community ... The State System is coordinated by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, and each institution is governed by a board of regents ...
Formalism - Atomic DEVS
... input events is the set of output events is the set of sequential states (or also called the set of partial states) is the time advance function which is used to determine the lifespan of a ... This function defines how a state of the system generates an output event (when the elapsed time reaches to the lifetime of the state) The atomic DEVS Model for Ping-Pong ...
Oklahoma State System Of Higher Education - History - Establishment of The State System
... The Oklahoma State System of Higher Education was established on March 11, 1941, when the people of the state adopted an amendment to the constitution ... wholly or in part by direct legislative appropriations shall be integral parts of a unified system to be known as The Oklahoma State System of Higher Education." ...
Two-state Quantum System
... In quantum mechanics, a two-state system (also known as a two-level system or TLS) is a system which has two possible quantum states ... An example of a two-state system is the spin of a spin-1/2 particle such as an electron, whose spin can have values +ħ/2 or −ħ/2, where ħ is the ... in atomic physics, is the transition of an atom to or from an excited state here the TLS formalism is used to quantitatively explain stimulated and spontaneous emission of photons from excited atoms ...
Regional Integration - Overview
... Regional integration has been defined as an association of states based upon location in a given geographical area, for the safeguarding or promotion of ... as a worldwide phenomenon of territorial systems that increases the interactions between their components and creates new forms of organisation, co-existing with traditional forms of state-led ... According to Hans van Ginkel, regional integration refers to the process by which states within a particular region increase their level of interaction with regard to economic, security, political, and also social ...

Famous quotes containing the words system and/or state:

    Nobody is glad in the gladness of another, and our system is one of war, of an injurious superiority. Every child of the Saxon race is educated to wish to be first. It is our system; and a man comes to measure his greatness by the regrets, envies, and hatreds of his competitors.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    No man’s nature is able to know what is best for the social state of man; or, knowing, always able to do what is best.
    Plato (c. 427–347 B.C.)