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Riga District - Nature
... The north-eastern part of former Riga District is covered by the largest deciduous forests in Latvia ... The Gauja National Park is part of these forests and has more than 900 kinds of plants, 48 species of mammals and 149 species of birds ...
Edward Max Nicholson - Ornithology and Conservation
... Access to the Countryside Act which established a British state research council for natural sciences and 'biological service', The Nature Conservancy (1949–1973 ... He replaced Captain Cyril Diver as Director General of The Nature Conservancy in 1952 and served until 1966, just after the Conservancy lost its independent status ... Fund (WWF) (now the World Wide Fund for Nature) ...
Kingdom Come State Park - Looking Ahead
... National Recreation Areas Big South Fork Land Between the Lakes State State Resort Parks Barren River Lake Benham-Lynch Buckhorn Lake Carter Caves Cumberland Falls General Butler Grayson Lake ... Meetinghouse Perryville Battlefield Waveland White Hall Wickliffe Mounds William Whitley House State Recreation Parks Blue Licks Battlefield Big Bone Lick ... Old Fort Harrod Paintsville Lake Pine Mountain Trail Taylorsville Lake Yatesville Lake State Forests Dewey Lake Kentenia Kentucky Ridge Knobs Olympia ...
Bat Cave And Cascade Caverns State Nature Preserves
... Bat Cave and Cascade Caverns State Nature Preserves are two nature preserves totaling 146 acres (0.59 km2) located within the boundaries of Carter Caves State Resort Park in ... Bat Cave was dedicated into the Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission system on Dec 1981 ... for the protection of the Indiana bat (Myotis sodalis ... The Cascade Caverns preserve was dedicated on Dec 1981 ... to protect two rare plant species, the Mountain maple (Acer spicatum) and the Canadian yew (Taxus canadensis) ...
Nature - Beyond Earth
... Outer space is certainly spacious, but it is far from empty ... Outer space is sparsely filled with several dozen types of organic molecules discovered to date by microwave spectroscopy, blackbody radiation left over from the big bang and the origin of the universe, and cosmic rays, which include ionized atomic nuclei and various subatomic particles ...

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