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Council Of Ministers (Soviet Union) - Structure and Organisation - State Committee
... USSR state committees were different from the ministries in that a state committee was primarily responsible for several branches of governance as opposed to the one specific area for which a ministry was solely ... Therefore, many state committees had jurisdiction over certain common activities conducted by ministries such as the research and development, standardization, planning, building construction, state ... In that sense, state committees were supersized ministries ...
Boston - Government - State Committees
... In addition to city government, numerous commissions and state authorities—including the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, the Boston ... the capital of Massachusetts, Boston plays a major role in state politics ... The city has several properties relating to the United States federal government, including the John F ...
Council Of Ministers (Soviet Union) - Duties, Functions and Responsibilities
... Leadership Leaders President (List) Vice President Collective leadership State Council Presidential Council Communist Party Communist Party Congress Central Committee History ... Chairman, several First Deputies, Deputies, ministers, Chairmen of the state committees and the Chairmen of the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Republics ... as well as being tasked with resolving all state administrative duties within the jurisdiction of the USSR to the degree that it did not come under the competence of the Supreme Soviet or the ...

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    What lies behind facts like these: that so recently one could not have said Scott was not perfect without earning at least sorrowful disapproval; that a year after the Gang of Four were perfect, they were villains; that in the fifties in the United States a nothing-man called McCarthy was able to intimidate and terrorise sane and sensible people, but that in the sixties young people summoned before similar committees simply laughed.
    Doris Lessing (b. 1919)

    Across Parker Avenue from the fort is the Site of the Old Gallows, where 83 men “stood on nothin’, a-lookin’ up a rope.” The platform had a trap wide enought to “accommodate” 12 men, but half that number was the highest ever reached. On two occasions six miscreants were executed. There were several groups of five, some quartets and trios.
    —Administration in the State of Arka, U.S. public relief program. Arkansas: A Guide to the State (The WPA Guide to Arkansas)