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Turing Machine Examples - 3-state Busy Beaver
... Tape symbol Current state A Current state B Current state C Write symbol Move tape Next state Write symbol Move tape Next state Write symbol Move tape Next state 1 ... R B 1 L A ... machine The following table shows the "compressed" run — just the Turing states Sequence Instruction identifier Head 1 b 2 ... B 0. 0 ... The resulting Turing-states (what Turing called the "m-configurations" — "machine-configurations") are shown highlighted in grey in column A, and also under the machine's instructions (columns ...
Examples of The Post–Turing Machine - 2-state Busy Beaver
... The mission of the busy beaver is to print as many ones as possible before halting ... State table for a 2-state Turing-machine busy beaver Current state A Current state B Write symbol Move tape Next state Write symbol Move tape Next state tape symbol is 1 ... R B 1 L A tape symbol ... P L J P N J H Jump-to # 15 ... Turing-state label A B H Alternately, we might write the table as a string ...

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